Rock River Thresheree, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Member
We welcome membership into our organization to anyone who is interested in helping us continue our wonderful mission of preserving agricultural and industrial history. Click here for more info.

Admission is $10 for adults, children 12 and under are free. Friday is senior citizens day with admission for seniors at $8. Gates are open from 8 A.M. till 5 P.M. All spectators enter at County M (Gate D) which is 
332 E County Rd M.

Show Map
Plan your day ahead of time so you don't miss anything! With over 125 acres of history to experience, our maps can help you navigate all of the amazing exhibits and flea market.
Show Map

We welcome all exhibitors who have antique equipment to display. Exhibitors are allowed a total of TWO participants for no charge. Additional persons pay the entrance fee. Exhibitors enter at the Cox Road (Gate A) through Thursday.  From Friday through Monday, all exhibitors, except car show exhibitors, must enter at County M (Gate D).  Antique Car/Truck show exhibitors enter at Cox Road (Gate A) Vehicles must be 30 yrs or older to enter. All exhibitors must register at the RRT 1 registration building.

All vendors enter at the Cox Road (Gate A).  Please keep the vehicles to a minimum and park in the designated vendor parking areas.

Camping is open to members, vendors, exhibitors and volunteers and is on a first come first serve basis.  These are all primitive sites with no water or electrical hookups. All campers must check in with the camping manager Bill Werfal to be placed and registered. His number is 608-931-9373.  Camping fee is $50 per unit for the weekend. Campers enter at the Cox Road (Gate A) through Thursday.  
Click here for entire camping rules.

* From Friday through Monday, all campers must enter at the County M, (Gate D) entrance.

Flea Market
Flea market spaces are generally available.  Any questions can be directed to our Flea Market Manager, Lisa Blum at 262-220-6583 Flea Market vendors enter at Cox Road (Gate A).

Golf Carts
You may bring a golf cart to the show, however you must provide the following information:
     - Certificate of Liability (ACORD CERT) listing RRT as the Certificate Holder
     - Proof of handicapped status (permit)
     - Copy of Valid Driver's License.
​     - You must register cart at RRT 1 and get a cart tag.

The vehicle must have a working muffler, and working head/tail lights should the vehicle be operated after dark. Additionally, you must read and sign our Safety Requirements to ensure you are aware of our policies, safety regulations and general conduct for operating a personal vehicle on show grounds.

Personal vehicles are the single most commented on distraction at our show. We understand the need for transportation around the show grounds and therefore have shuttle wagons that provide transportation around the show grounds during our show hours, and also shuttles to get you back to your vehicle at the end of the day. 

Due to the number of exhibits we have moving about the show, and our crowds, we simply cannot allow the general public to bring in personal vehicles due to the significant safety risk it poses, as well as the detraction to the ambiance of the show. We operate under the thought of “Our First Accident Could Be Our Last”. We apply this to all areas of the show, including transportation.

If you are found using a personal vehicle on our show grounds without proper handicapped status, you will be asked to provide it, or to park the vehicle until you leave the show grounds. Your vehicle may be impounded by RRT if these rules are not followed. Again, this is for the safety of both our volunteers and our guests. 

Transportation such as electric wheelchairs, Lark Scooters etc. are exempt from this clause, however please exercise extreme caution while using these types of transportation.

Personal vehicles are prohibited from all of the Flea Market lanes. 

RRT does not rent golf carts.

As a general rule, RRT does not allow dogs and we highly encourage you to leave them at home. If you have no other choice, you may keep your dog in the campgrounds, but NOT on the show grounds. Service dogs are exempt. You must keep your dog on a leash at all times, ensure they are not causing a disturbance to other nearby guests and you must pick up after them.  If your dog is not kept under control and is found to be a nuisance, you will have to remove from the grounds.  Keep in mind this is your dog and you are liable.  Dogs are not to be left unattended outdoors, or in your passenger car. If we spot a dog in danger from heat, we will take measures to ensure that dog is safe. (We will page the owner of the vehicle, and involve proper authorities to enter the vehicle if need be to remove the dog.)

Facility Rental
We also rent our facility for company picnics, social gatherings, wedding receptions and more. Plus you can rent our steam train for rides and steaming sweet corn for your event! Click here for more info.